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5 Surprising Facts About Manufacturing

& 1 About Aamar.

5 surprising facts about manufacturing:


#1  Know your customer. I mean everything about them. How they live. What their values are. How they speak. How to speak to them. Get in the hearts and minds of what they really want and weave that into your product design and manufacture process. 


#2  Understand what beauty means to you as a founder. I constantly check myself to see how physical beauty is inherently built out in the way I manufacture every piece of the product. I consult my core ‘beauty values’ to inform minute and big details in the design and manufacture process. This avoids series of compromises leading to an end product that doesn’t align with my initial vision.

#3  Work with designers you trust and who share similar values. I’ve learned through past mistakes, that I need to see that my designers are capable of executing projects all the way from design to manufacturing to delivery.

#4  Vet your design + manufacture strategy through a trusted 3rd party, highly experienced advisor. You’re paying them to help to avoid mistakes you can’t see and shorten the learning curve. Word of warning: structure this relationship carefully so that they are not competing or vying for business other than to be your advisor.

#5  Get into the market as quickly as possible, with something. Learn from this early go to market and step into your ultimate dream product over time. Know that you’ll constantly be pushed to compromise along the way. This is the long game. You can’t have it all now. Test everything!!! You have plenty of time to ensure you execute. 99% of the world doesn’t know how to execute. You’ll be in a class all by yourself if you have a systematic, well thought out plan that delivers value over time, be it in drips and drabs.


1 surprising fact about Aamar:

Aamar structured a micro finance model that provides micro-credit access and educational opportunities to 80 Berber women living in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The program was started in 2013 and is still thriving. He’s proud to say that women in the program learn vital agricultural skills – sewing plants, honey and goat cultivation.



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