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Get a Job, Almost Missing Rent & Full Bladder Decisions – Episode #01

On the very first episode of the #LatepreneurShow Aamar Khwaja founder of shares his latepreneur story of building a tiny farm, his plans to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry and to feed the world.

“Life is too short not to do something meaningful.”


[02:00] Aamar shares how structuring mortgage backed securities on wall street was a souless existence.

[03:30] Aamar leaves his job and NYC to become a stay-at-home dad for 8 years.

[05:30]  Aamar explains how he discovered how his health issues were caused from mineral deficiencies.

[08:04] Aamar’s perspective on what’s really going with soil and the food system.

[10:25]  Understanding that traceability in food is a movement not a trend.

[11:30]  Aamar explain his product, Modgarden (TinyFarm).

[13:15]  How a “corporate dude” got the product designed?

[15: 25]  Why cold calling is incredibly important.

[18:11]  ‘Corny’ cliches come from truth and make a difference.

[24:23]  Aamar tells us how much he’s invested so far to get to the first prototype.

[29:45]  Funding & looking for VC.  Also, Aamar discusses the golden rule to follow when borrowing money from family and friends

[30:31]  Aamar and Paula discuss how living on the edge and full bladder decisions inspire creativity.

[34:43]  How Aamar reconciles his current lack of cash with previous life of abundance.

[37:00]  Life is too short to not do something meaningful.

[38:12]  Aamar and Paula talk about how wisdom sets in when you’re 40 and that latepreneurs don’t have “nursing home syndrome”.

[40: 02]  What Aamar brought to the table as an entrepreneur in your 40s and why he failed in his 20s.   Got to pay your dues.

[43:28]  What Aamar’s family thinks of his risk taking?

[47:00]  How Aamar deals with the freak outs and fear?

[52:15]  Aamar talks about how he starts his day and the meditation of coffee.

[56:11]  Paula asks Aamar if he knew then what he knows now would he still become a latepreneur.

[57:44]  Paula asks Aamar if he would have done anything different when he started.

[59:03]  Paula asks Aamar if he plans to retire?

[59:52]  Paula closes the show with the most important question,  why is it not too late?

About Modgarden/Tiny Farm for Life:

About Host:
Paula Cooper is founder of
The first and only brand that helps foodservice unlock the ‘language’ of food allergy. Great decisions happen when people can communicate. #YouCanTalkToUs

Peter Diamandis
Elon Musk


The Shortness of Life
(de Brevitate Vitae) Quote by Seneca

“Most people…complaint that life is too short.  To these bitter folk, life hurtles by like a runaway mare, so fast and furious that it is impossible to discern its meaning before it it too late”.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Eckhart Tolle