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Andrew Fishman

Andrew Fishman

6 Weeks, Book Sniffers & Life Partners – Episode #02

On the episode #02 of the #LatepreneurShow Andrew Fishman founder and publisher of shares his latepreneur story of starting a print magazine from idea to inception in just 6 weeks!  And the bigger feat of making it instantly successful.


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About Village Living Magazine:

About Host:

Paula Cooper is founder of

The first and only brand that helps foodservice unlock the ‘language’ of food allergy. Great decisions happen when people can communicate. #YouCanTalkToUs


Aamar Show Extra

5 Surprising Facts About Manufacturing

& 1 About Aamar.

5 surprising facts about manufacturing:


#1  Know your customer. I mean everything about them. How they live. What their values are. How they speak. How to speak to them. Get in the hearts and minds of what they really want and weave that into your product design and manufacture process. 


#2  Understand what beauty means to you as a founder. I constantly check myself to see how physical beauty is inherently built out in the way I manufacture every piece of the product. I consult my core ‘beauty values’ to inform minute and big details in the design and manufacture process. This avoids series of compromises leading to an end product that doesn’t align with my initial vision.

#3  Work with designers you trust and who share similar values. I’ve learned through past mistakes, that I need to see that my designers are capable of executing projects all the way from design to manufacturing to delivery.

#4  Vet your design + manufacture strategy through a trusted 3rd party, highly experienced advisor. You’re paying them to help to avoid mistakes you can’t see and shorten the learning curve. Word of warning: structure this relationship carefully so that they are not competing or vying for business other than to be your advisor.

#5  Get into the market as quickly as possible, with something. Learn from this early go to market and step into your ultimate dream product over time. Know that you’ll constantly be pushed to compromise along the way. This is the long game. You can’t have it all now. Test everything!!! You have plenty of time to ensure you execute. 99% of the world doesn’t know how to execute. You’ll be in a class all by yourself if you have a systematic, well thought out plan that delivers value over time, be it in drips and drabs.


1 surprising fact about Aamar:

Aamar structured a micro finance model that provides micro-credit access and educational opportunities to 80 Berber women living in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The program was started in 2013 and is still thriving. He’s proud to say that women in the program learn vital agricultural skills – sewing plants, honey and goat cultivation.



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Aamar Khwaja

Aamar Khwaja

Get a Job, Almost Missing Rent & Full Bladder Decisions – Episode #01

On the very first episode of the #LatepreneurShow Aamar Khwaja founder of shares his latepreneur story of building a tiny farm, his plans to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry and to feed the world.

“Life is too short not to do something meaningful.”


[02:00] Aamar shares how structuring mortgage backed securities on wall street was a souless existence.

[03:30] Aamar leaves his job and NYC to become a stay-at-home dad for 8 years.

[05:30]  Aamar explains how he discovered how his health issues were caused from mineral deficiencies.

[08:04] Aamar’s perspective on what’s really going with soil and the food system.

[10:25]  Understanding that traceability in food is a movement not a trend.

[11:30]  Aamar explain his product, Modgarden (TinyFarm).

[13:15]  How a “corporate dude” got the product designed?

[15: 25]  Why cold calling is incredibly important.

[18:11]  ‘Corny’ cliches come from truth and make a difference.

[24:23]  Aamar tells us how much he’s invested so far to get to the first prototype.

[29:45]  Funding & looking for VC.  Also, Aamar discusses the golden rule to follow when borrowing money from family and friends

[30:31]  Aamar and Paula discuss how living on the edge and full bladder decisions inspire creativity.

[34:43]  How Aamar reconciles his current lack of cash with previous life of abundance.

[37:00]  Life is too short to not do something meaningful.

[38:12]  Aamar and Paula talk about how wisdom sets in when you’re 40 and that latepreneurs don’t have “nursing home syndrome”.

[40: 02]  What Aamar brought to the table as an entrepreneur in your 40s and why he failed in his 20s.   Got to pay your dues.

[43:28]  What Aamar’s family thinks of his risk taking?

[47:00]  How Aamar deals with the freak outs and fear?

[52:15]  Aamar talks about how he starts his day and the meditation of coffee.

[56:11]  Paula asks Aamar if he knew then what he knows now would he still become a latepreneur.

[57:44]  Paula asks Aamar if he would have done anything different when he started.

[59:03]  Paula asks Aamar if he plans to retire?

[59:52]  Paula closes the show with the most important question,  why is it not too late?

About Modgarden/Tiny Farm for Life:

About Host:
Paula Cooper is founder of
The first and only brand that helps foodservice unlock the ‘language’ of food allergy. Great decisions happen when people can communicate. #YouCanTalkToUs

Peter Diamandis
Elon Musk


The Shortness of Life
(de Brevitate Vitae) Quote by Seneca

“Most people…complaint that life is too short.  To these bitter folk, life hurtles by like a runaway mare, so fast and furious that it is impossible to discern its meaning before it it too late”.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Eckhart Tolle